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The body of research on marketing to children of color continues to grow, thanks to work from groups like the following:

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To better protect children from predatory tactics in today’s digital era, the Federal Trade Commission has released updates to the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA). The new rules will refine and clarify COPPA’s basic safeguards for putting parents in charge of what personal information can be collected from their children. The FTC has also added new protections specifically designed to address a wide range of platforms and practices that are becoming state-of-the-art in contemporary media culture.

But these changes haven’t happened without a fight. Children’s advocates, privacy groups and health experts pushed hard for years to get the government to revise the regulations.

  • Learn more about the updated regulations;
  • Explore the history of advocates’ efforts urging the FTC to take action;
  • Help hold the children’s media and marketing industries accountable by ensuring that they comply with COPPA. If you believe a company is violating the new COPPA rules, you can contact the Federal Trade Commission directly at COPPAhotline@ftc.gov.

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These groups are at the forefront of children’s health and online protections to keep our kids safe:

Join this community by becoming a member of the Food Marketing Workgroup’s subcommittee on targeted food marketing. Email info@bmsg.org to request details.