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AOL/Huffington Post Promote Pringles using “Native Advertising” Tactics that blend ads into the editorial content
The HuffPost Native Listicle aligns brand messaging with relevant content in an easily digestible and sharable single-page format. Users peruse a thematic list-based article with images and short-form writing. Sponsored Listicles work best when brands want to engage readers with information in a format that’s readily shareable across social media. Brands can also consult directly with HuffPost Partner Studio to gain editorial experience and optimize performance.
Source: Huffington Post

A Crowd-Sourced Symbol of Happiness
How can one brand unite opposing teams across the globe in preparation for the FIFA World Cup™? In the spirit of Coca-Cola’s “World’s Cup” campaign, we collected fan-submitted photos across 207 countries and displayed them on the pitch as the World’s flag. The Happiness Flag by Coca-Cola was the largest-ever digitally produced Photomosaic® flag, containing 223,206 fan photos submitted across 207 countries—every country Coca-Cola is sold. The flag was unveiled on the pitch before the opening match in Sao Paulo, Brazil, allowing the entire world to be active participants in the FIFA World Cup™. After the unveiling, the flag was uploaded online, creating a digital experience for fans to search for their picture, watch behind-the-scene videos and share their photo on social media. Through this global and fully integrated campaign, we helped Coca-Cola create the most inclusive and participatory FIFA World Cup™ to date.
Source: Ignition

Mountain Dew: Every 2 Minutes
The release of the Xbox One is one of the biggest launches in gaming history. Mountain Dew and Doritos wanted to tap into this anticipation by giving away thousands of the entertainment systems to their most die-hard fans. Our challenge was to create a promotion that captured users' attention and stepped outside of the traditional giveaway model. The Every 2 Minutes auctions are unlike any other promotion. Fans battle it out in real time to get their hands on the season's most sought-after prize: an Xbox One. Entering an auction is as simple as picking up codes on specially-marked products and "banking" those codes away on the site. Once points are banked, users can use them to bid in the nightly auctions where someone wins an Xbox One every two minutes. To keep things competitive, users are alerted in real time if they have been outbid so they can always be sure they're on top. Facebook integration allows users to pool their points with their friends, raising the stakes even higher and giving users a better shot at winning. And, even if you don't end up snagging an Xbox One, banked points can be turned into exclusive Dew swag in the Marketplace. The end result of all that action is a simple but engaging user experience that brings all the excitement of a live auction to the digital realm.
Source: Vimeo

McDonald’s Gol! 2014 World Cup Activation
For the 2014 FIFA World Cup, The Marketing Store created a headline grabbing global promotion that would change McDonald’s iconic red fries packaging worldwide for the first time. The idea united packaging, digital and mobile to connect with McDonald’s consumers and celebrate the FIFA sponsorship. While the target audience was global and extensive, McDonald’s desire was to better communicate with Millennials. “It’s a generation that loves art, loves unique customization, loves expressing itself and, of course, loves McDonald’s french fries,” said Matt Biespiel, McDonald’s senior director of global marketing.“Millennials also love gaming and technology so we looked at how we could bring those in. The idea was to use art in a way we hadn’t before, using the french fry box as a canvas. Once we had that idea, it sort of took on a life of its own.” He credits agency The Marketing Store with initially developing the artwork concept. Once customers download the McDonald’s GOL! App they are ready to play a game by holding the screen of their mobile device up to the front of the McDonald’s fry box. The device and app recognize each fry box’s individual artwork and prompts a unique experience within the game that was developed by partners DDB, Qualcomm and Trigger. As the artwork recognition takes place, a soccer pitch appears within an interactive scene on the screen. The app transforms the packaging into a realistic soccer field, where players try to flick a ball into the fry box, which acts as a goal.
Source: Chief Marketer

Capri Sun: Kids vs Pros
The Capri Sun program, aimed to help reinvigorate the brand after declining interest among kids, invited kids to compete against sports heroes such as WWE Superstar John Cena, NBA All-Star Stephen Curry and Olympic Gold Medalist Gabby Douglas in playground games. Packaging featured codes so kids could play online video games against the Pros. The campaign will culminate in sweepstakes winners competing in a Kids vs. Pros televised event in August.
Source: Capri Sun

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