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McDonald's move to mobile ordering will be closely watched
McDonald's recently unveiled plans to implement mobile ordering and curbside pickup are living proof that even the mightiest brands now know thaht when it comes to the future of customer service, the writing is on the wall — or at least the mobile screen in this case. Mobile ordering is the new standard and as the QSR giant now follows in the techy footsteps of chains like Starbucks, Panera Bread and Dominos, it's clear that many more restaurants will soon follow in order to provide customers the most up-to-date and easy-to-use experience, while also opening doors to better access to their favorite brands. Not only can customers now place orders well in advance, they can connect more closely with the places they love to eat, while also better meeting their individual dietary demands and whims, regardless of where they are at any given time. But the hefty transition restaurants must make to this new way of life also presents a prime opportunity to fail spectacularly without the right preparation, foresight and planning. So, yes, the opportunity for mobile ordering is ripe. But, it's critical that McDonald's and those which will follow suit both understand prepare well for the challenges that may be encountered during rollout.
Source: Mobile Payments Today

Dr Pepper sponsorship of Batman v Superman drives audience affinity
With the massive popularity of the super hero movie genre, Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice was one of the most anticipated movies of 2016. Not only did Ben Affleck take over as the new Batman, but it also setup the foundation for future Justice League films and introduced other popular characters such as Wonder Woman, Aquaman, and the Flash to the DC movie universe. The Dr Pepper Snapple Group looked to gain traction with this audience by teaming up with Warner Bros. to sponsor the film. The partnership had multiple components: Dr Pepper bottles and cans with Batman v Super logos and characters, a $5 off ticket promotion, and even product placement in the film. The investment was a major one for the soft drink brand, but also one that can be difficult to quantify. Overall sales lift can provide some indication of the performance of the partnership, but this could be contributed to many different campaigns in market. An additional KPI for measuring campaign success is TrueAffinity™ by AffinityAnswers.  TrueAffinity is the first brand interaction metric that indicates the strength of active, social engagement between brands’ audiences over time. The higher the score, the more receptive one brand’s audience is to messaging and content from another brand.
Source: Affinity Answers

#KITKATCHALLENGE musical.ly campaign
Objective In November 2016, Kit Kat partnered with musical.ly and their agency Collab to launch a program to promote the four-day musical #KitKatChallenge, an extension of Anomaly's Chance the (W)rapper campaign that remixed the classic Kit Kat jingle. It was the first brand integration for musical.ly with an iconic chocolate brand, and non-beverage CPG brand. The goal of the program was for The Hershey Company to test how one of their lead brands could leverage a rising, innovative platform to further connect with the young millennial/gen z audience, enhance their consumer comms strategy, generate owned learnings, and apply those insights towards the rest of their brand portfolio. Strategy Kit Kat and musical.ly are a natural fit. Kit Kat's audience is passionate about music, rabid creators & consumers of social content, and over-index as first movers on new social platforms. To execute the campaign, musical.ly's creative agency, digital talent network and entertainment studio Collab, coordinated with the brand and their creative agency Anomaly to create a four-day campaign that commenced on Thanksgiving Day. The team specifically chose the Thanksgiving time-frame because it's a heavy traffic time for the app, with the brand's target off for the holidays and looking for ways to entertain themselves. Collab worked with Anomaly to identify two influencers that appeal to the Kit Kat target, and possess the comedic timing and cultural impact to launch the idea: fashionista Allicattt (2.6M), and parody master Bart Baker (4.6M). Allicattt and Bart were tasked with sparking the #KITKATCHALLENGE by creating humorous call-to-action videos encouraging users to take a break, and show off their own original take on the Kit Kat jingle sung by Chance The Rapper. Tens of thousands of users generated funny and clever videos over the holiday, from work-out breaks to family skits. Results The #KitKatChallenge surpassed metric goals, garnering over 96 million campaign views, and the following cumulative results: - 60,000 total challenge submissions on musical.ly, exceeding the campaign team's goal by 20,000 videos - 1.6 million views on sponsored videos - 21.7 million views on challenge submissions - 26.2 million non-video impressions, including views of trending tag page, custom challenge page, and Kit Kat's song by Chance the Rapper - It was the most successful brand campaign that ran on musical.ly for less than 7 days.
Source: Shorty Industry Awards

Pizza Hut & Rooster Teeth Live Events Program
Objective The goals and objectives for the 2016 partnership were to grow Pizza Hut's presence within the gaming community and to encourage social engagement around major tent pole events throughout the year. Strategy When it comes to the gaming world, we knew that Pizza Hut had a strong rich history. The challenge was to effectively reach gamers outside of in-game content and seamlessly keep the Pizza Hut gaming conversation going. The "experience" is key to Gamers so the question ultimately came down to how we would help Pizza Hut enhance that? We leveraged Rooster Teeth/Fullscreen's major tent pole event, RTX 2016, and Rooster Teeth's presence at several major gaming tent pole events to bring a retro arcade experience to fans along with thousands of pizza samples. These activations brought Pizza Hut to the top of the social conversation at each event through the arcade, Rooster Teeth influencer appearances, and custom gaming competitions that had everyone talking. Beyond "Hut Swag" giveaways and onsite prizing, the program was extended online through a custom Rooster Teeth Podcast integration, a first of its kind for Rooster Teeth, that had fans answering retro gaming trivia questions for prizes and event perks. Results The program fulfilled and exceeded all contracted guarantees. Organic Social Posts: • Posts: Estimated over 2K+ Promoted Social Posts: • Planned Posts: 32 • Delivered Posts: 37 • Engagements: 403,973 RT Podcasts: • Planned Views: 3.4M • Delivered Views: 11.3M • Delivery: 332% • Extended podcast reach equates to over $150K in added value! • Several Pizza Hut sponsored RT podcasts were in the top 20 most watched podcasts on YouTube in 2016! Co Branded RTX Mentions: • Planned Views: 2M • Delivered Views: 13M • Delivery: 650% RTX App Push Notifications: • Delivered Views: 52,000 Overall Organic Engagement: • Likes: 106,076 • Retweets: 526 • Comments: 20,714 • Total Engagements: 532,734
Source: Shorty Industry Awards

MTV & Taco Bell’s Fan-Fueled Film
Objective The Taco Bell Foundation launched their Live Más Scholarship in the Fall of 2015 with the goal of offering $1M in scholarships to the next generation of innovators, creators and dreamers. It's a one-of-a-kind opportunity to support the "other kid," whose passions and aspirations may not fall into "academic" or "athletic" qualifying categories of traditional scholarship programs. Taco Bell tasked MTV to support its mission to bring young people opportunities that ignite their passions, specifically around the Movie Awards.More directly, MTV was asked to tell one Live Más Scholarship winner's story around their specific field of interest to inspire others to pursue their unique passions with the Live Más Scholarship. Ultimately, the goal was to drive more entries for the next phase of the scholarship. Strategy The Movie Awards is the ultimate celebration of pop culture and movies, making it the perfect backdrop to give Live Más Scholarship winner, Calvin Ngu an authentic filmmaking experience. So together, Viacom Velocity, Calvin Ngu and MTV's engaged Twitter following co-created and premiered a Fan Fueled Film at the Movie Awards. First, we paired Calvin with an MTV Director to collaborate on bringing his vision to life. Then to hype up fan interest, we enlisted social influencers Ricky Dillon and Dana Baby to costar in Calvin's production. From there, Viacom Velocity took to MTV's Twitter to engage fans like never before through a series of Twitter polls, empowering fans to make creative decisions on everything from the film's genre to its costumes, acting leads and more in the week leading up to the Movie Awards. The fans became an integral part in the film's creation and were rewarded with real-time Twitter responses from Ricky and Dana revealing the winning Twitter poll choices with behind the scenes looks and content. With fans fully invested in the film's stars and its production process, they all tuned in as Calvin, Ricky and Dana premiered the film across digital and social platforms with a linear tune-in hit from the Movie Award's Red Carpet. During the Movie Awards main-show, Viacom Velocity continued to drive viewers to check out the full-length Fan Fueled Film online and enter the Live Más Scholarship via a docu-style on-air promo featuring a behind the scenes look at Calvin's journey from the scholarship application process to the red carpet premiere. The Fan Fueled Film program definitely achieved The Taco Bell Foundation's objectives by giving scholarship winner Calvin Ngu a once in a lifetime experience co-directing and acting in his very own film, driving exposure of the Live Más Scholarship and inspiring others to pursue their passions. Results In an overwhelming show of success, the Fan Fueled Film garnered a 64% increase in scholarship entries for phase two versus phase one entries. These submissions were driven largely by the Fan Fueled Film's organic alignment to both the Movie Awards and Calvin's passions that the Live Más Scholarship helped to make a reality. This program's massive social reach and fan engagement, driven primarily by Twitter, garnered a staggering 113 million social impressions and 236k social engagements across MTV, Taco Bell and our social influencers' combined social platforms. Over 75k fans participated in the Twitter polls that inspired the creative of the film that received over 745k views online, inspiring others to apply for the Live Más Scholarship.
Source: Shorty Industry Awards

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