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Domino’s delivers sales and massive targeting database as it expands mobile marketing in UK
n 2013, Domino’s faced a challenge: to continue to deliver sales growth in the face of increasing competition from digital takeaway businesses and incumbent pizza chains. As the first company to launch a mobile app, 10% of our total weekly sales were now via mobile, and users of our app were our most valuable customers. Our challenge was to win in mobile, and we developed a three-pronged strategy to build mobile as a marketing platform. …  We redesigned our mobile site and app suite to create a consistent user experience across all operating systems, transitioned to a mobile-first CRM programme, built mobile data capture into our pizza tracker to double our SMS database, introduced push notifications and moved to mobile-friendly customer emails….  Build brand demand at key moments...We did this by becoming the principal partner for the X Factor mobile app, creating a Domino’s hub that featured quizzes, games and offers. ...-We doubled our SMS database to 2 million, increased mobile sales to 22% of all CRM-driven sales, and grew our app installs from 516,000 in 2012 to 2.2 million in 2013
Source: Creative Brief

Wendy’s and Facebook team for better targeting, including for Pretzel Bun
What helped was a budding relationship with Facebook, which Wendy's tapped as a kind of creative consultancy, said Ben Nemo, business lead on the restaurant team for Facebook's Global Marketing Services group. In 2012, Facebook's Global Marketing Services group reorganized to offer dedicated teams for nearly every category -- including retail, entertainment, travel, beverages and packaged food -- so that it could play an advisory role for brands, as well as develop effective marketing products for each category….Mr. Rhoten, along with Mr. Bahner, have turned to Mr. Nemo and his team to ensure their creative ideas have the potential to be successful on Facebook's mobile and desktop platforms and will generate views and engagement with the brand. Take this year's campaigns for the chain's pretzel-bun and Tuscan chicken sandwich. The pretzel-bun campaign centered around love songs dedicated to the bun...For those campaigns, Wendy's and its agencies, including WPP's VML, presented ideas to Facebook, which then gave feedback based on what's worked -- and what hasn't -- on the network in the past. Though he didn't give details on the kind of feedback used to inform creative for the two Wendy's campaigns, Mr. Nemo touted Facebook's data as more reliable than the average focus-group results. "A lot of our data is based on real behavior, and it certainly would be an asset for brands to leverage us for that kind of information," he said. Mr. Nemo noted Facebook's data can help "bring a consumer to life" with psychographics "that can inform creative.”..."We tap into partners [at Facebook] to see what kind of behaviors are popular," Mr. Rhoten said.
Source: Ad Age

Nestle’s “Digital Acceleration” program primes company to expand online marketing worldwide
They've traveled to Vevey, Switzerland, from Pakistan, Portugal, Venezuela and nine other corners of the world, leaving behind homes and families for eight months of training and development as part of Nestlé headquarters' Digital Acceleration Team, a program aimed at bringing a far-flung corporation into a fast-evolving digital and social world. ...The team's space is ringed with digital screens flickering with data points about Nestlé and its brands. One screen tracks social buzz around the company's top global brands, another shows where the chatter is  coming from. A third screen traces a brand's conversations vis-à-vis competitors, while another screen displays a new tool Nestlé calls "Pulse," which tracks the types of customer-service inquiries the company is getting, a recognition that not all feedback comes via social….The push for digital acceleration comes as Nestlé faces the same challenges as many of its CPG cohorts: how to ramp up sales in fast-growing developing economies and eke out growth in developed countries where stagnant wages have reduced consumer spending power -- all against a rapidly changing media environment.
Source: Ad Age

Nestle targets teens 13-17 via Facebook for its Crunch cereal in EU, Middle East
In 2013, how to create community loyalty and engage our community? We needed to find the best ways to engage our young target (13-17 years old: 16% of total Facebook users). At the same time, we needed to increase the number on fans on the Page and improve the loyalty of the entire community.

The Crunch Céréales campaign is a national campaign focused on Facebook. The campaign was not related to a launch of a product—its goal was to:

• increase the community
• increase the engagement rate 
• form a strong link with the fan community
• contextualize the posts 

The target audience was teenagers 13-17 years old—boys and girls with a “rebel” side. Our strategy was to use the Crunch Céréales character as the main content broadcaster on the Facebook Page. We made this positioning durable through a strong brand experience that involved the audience. Crunch Céréales has decided to be only focused on Facebook—it doesn’t have any website.

Our Facebook posts use pictures, ask the community questions, talk about daily stories of the community, and are contextualized with the character (adapted to exams, TV shows watched by the target, events, etc). We interact with the community to become closer to the target, using humor and personal stories about the target and the community. ... Our campaign results: 
• 16% increase in Facebook fans between January-March 2013 (1,207,000 fans at the end of the month)
• 211% increase compared to March 2012

We have stable engagement despite an explosion in the size of the Crunch Céréales community: 0.19% in 2012 versus 0.18% in 2013. Our global reach is 73%. 

The objective was to reach 1.5 million fans by the end of 2013, and we reached 1.281 million.
Source: Facebook Studio

Pepsi generates profits for Mountain Dew and Doritos via data collection, “warfare “ video game tie-on
Ms. Nooyi said promotions and new products had helped make the company the largest contributor to grocery store sales growth so far this year, according to IRI Symphony, a data research firm. She cited a program, Fuel for Battle, that offers consumers buying specially marked packages of Doritos and Mountain Dew access to codes that allow them to win accessories like goggles, which can be used in conjunction with a highly anticipated new iteration of the video game Call of Duty, titled Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. ....Starting October 6, fans in the U.S. can collect codes from specially marked packages of DEW® and Doritos products and enter them online at www.DewandDoritos.com to enhance their gaming experience and create a unique identity for their advanced soldier by unlocking exclusive (until Feb. 15, 2015) Dew and Doritos in-game gear. Fans can customize their character with accessories such as an exoskeleton, heavy vest kit, helmets, goggles, boots and more. Further elevating the experience, gamers will also be able to unlock double XP and rapid supply rewards. Every code entered from DEW and Doritos packages unlocks Call of Duty in-game rewards and each code entered will also provide a chance to win an Xbox One, the all-in-one games and entertainment system from Microsoft. ...Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare jolts players forward in a groundbreaking experience that’s ripped-from-the-headlines-of-tomorrow, envisioning a future where both technology and tactics have evolved to create a new era of combat.  The narrative begins in the year 2054, the Atlas Corporation, a private military corporation (PMC), has emerged with the power to rescue humanity after a global attack on its military and infrastructure.  Empowering players with new, cutting-edge exoskeleton abilities and an advanced arsenal with new weaponry, vehicles and high-tech gear, players can join the ranks of a highly-trained, specialized unit committed to restoring order.  It all starts with the Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare exoskeleton and the fundamental way it changes player movement delivering a new level of tactical combat. Speed, strength, agility, and verticality transform how you play. New abilities, movements, perks, equipment and weapon classes offer fans the most personalized, customizable and reward-based Call of Duty multiplayer. It all comes together to make each player feel like a tier one soldier of the future.  In Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare customization begins with Supply Drops, bringing a new reward system that provides players with billions of reward combinations into multiplayer. Delivered through both play time and in-game challenges, Supply Drops reward players with items, including Custom Weapons, Character Gear and Reinforcements.  Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare is published by Activision Publishing, Inc.  Led by Sledgehammer Games, the title is rated M for Mature with Blood and Gore, Drug Reference, Intense Violence and Strong Language. For the latest intel, check out: www.callofduty.com, www.facebook.com/callofduty, www.youtube.com/callofduty or follow @CallofDuty on Twitter and Instagram. . Join the conversation at @mtn_dew or @Doritos #fuelupforbattle
Source: The New York Times

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