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Doritos and Mountain Dew target youth with ‘Every 2 Minutes’ campaign
Doritos and Mountain Dew built energy with target audience with a chance to win “auction battles” ‘Every 2 Minutes.’ This resulted in high engagement for the brands.
Source: Effie.org

Gatorade uses social campaign to target teens
The energy drink brand was having trouble connecting with its core consumers - teen athletes - as they didn’t connect with the “Win From Within” campaign positioning. After some research, the company decided to define “Win from Within” through audience stories. This resulted in 5.1 million video views, 126,139 total social engagements and series pickup by major outlets, with 96% of views being in the target age range.
Source: VML

Wendy’s sends an online message to buy BBQ’d cheeseburgers and cheese fries
Wendy’s #BBQ4merica — a faux cause campaign — was used to bring BBQ to the entire nation, especially underprivileged areas such as New York City, Los Angeles and Miami. “A series of public service announcements encouraged our Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and YouTube audiences to donate a retweet and “sponsor” barbecue-deprived friends by tagging them in the comments.” The brand also promoted its products through a 24 hour Tweet-a-thon with giveaways and real-time responses. This resulted in 17.5 million video views and 10.3 million engagements.
Source: VML

Wendy goes full press to launch Pretzel Bacon Cheeseburger via online campaign
Wendy’s took existing comments about the Pretzel Bacon Cheeseburger and amplified them by turning them into lyrics for shareable music videos. Through Twitter and Facebook media buys, the brand extended the reach of the campaign. In addition, “Wendy’s hired multiplatinum recording artist and television host Nick Lachey to kick off the Pretzel Love Songs campaign at a media event at a NYC Wendy’s, and featured it in Vol. 5 of the Pretzel Love Songs video series.”
Source: VML

Mountain Dew uses power of Youtube and influencers to push product
Mountain Dew® released an extended Kickstart product ad on YouTube to entertain audiences with a longer and more interactive story than television allows. Working with Google’s Art, Copy & Code, the brand experimented to find out how to make the ad “unskippable” content people would want to see. Mountain Dew then partnered with Devinsupertramp, a YouTube account with over 3 million subscribers to create a series of stunt videos for #DEWroadtrip.
Source: think with Google

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