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Taco Bell’s Feed the Beat program creates SXSW rock film
To promote the brand, Taco Bell created a feature-length rock film of different band’s experiences at SXSW allowing fans to contribute via Twitter and Vine. The event was captured by six influencer-hosted cameras and live-streamed. The video was then premiered at the MTV Video Awards gaining 719K views.
Source: DigitasLBi

Facebook’s geo-location ad targeting
Businesses can now use Facebook ads to reach consumers in local communities through geo-location tactics where ads are targeted to people around the advertised businesses. This hyperlocal targeting can be used on those as young as 13 years of age.
Source: Facebook

Wendy’s invests in tech lab to target consumers and gather digital data
Wendy’s opened “90º Labs,” as “an open, collaborative environment where the brand will fast-track consumer-facing technology and digital experiences, encouraging technology initiatives such as mobile ordering, mobile pay and other digital experiences for its restaurants as well as consumers.” The company aims to use consumer behavior information to programmatically target segments of its audience through customized ads, offers and loyalty programs.
Source: Digiday

Mondelez adds “buy now” buttons to online ads
“Mondelez plans to convert all its digital media in 25 countries into shoppable ads with "buy now" buttons to drive sales through retailers like Walmart and Amazon.” ... “Calls to action on Mondelez's video, social and display media prompt people to buy the products being advertised. The ads are geo-targeted to retailers' websites.”
Source: ADWEEK

Kellogg uses programmatic buying to more effectively target consumers
Kellogg is using “programmatic buying with the DoubleClick Digital Marketing platform to gain a holistic view of the consumer, deliver the right message to the right person and ensure that its digital marketing efforts deliver maximum effectiveness.” . . . "People are using digital devices 24/7, from the time they wake up to the time they go to bed and every time in between. We need to be there," says Jim Kiszka, senior manager, digital strategy, Kellogg North America.”
Source: think with Google

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