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Coca-Cola digital worldwide
Meteorite technology created a virtual experience enhancing Coca-Cola’s “Share a Coke” campaign. Users with more unusual names who could not find their names on Coke bottles in stores could browse the “Coke Bottle Name Wave” online and find a digital Coke with their name. They could then share their virtual bottle on Facebook.
Source: Meteorite

M&M’s strategically uses culture to promote its new World store in Shanghai
Employing iconic landmarks like the Great Wall of China and the Terra Cotta Warriors, M&M’s weaves Chinese culture together with its product to promote traffic in its new store in Shanghai. Beyond using famous cultural symbols, the store also tunes in with the consumer with a “Mood Analyser Tree” and by recommending personalized mixes of M&M’s.
Source: Fitch

Oreo’s “Trending Vending” machine allows consumers to make personalized Oreos based on current social media trends
Maya teamed up with Oreo and Twitter to create “trending vending” machines that allow customers to create custom-made Oreos based on hashtags of their choice. The operated leverages 3D printing technology to generate personalized Oreos on the spot.
Source: MAYA

McDonald’s uses Big Data to target audiences
This article focuses on the evolution of McDonald’s marketing with the advent of Big Data. McDonald’s shifted from mass media tactics to targeted, user-customized marketing, especially on social media.
Source: Cream Global

Snickers’ new embedded advertising strategy brings consumer and brand closer together
Electronic Arts and Mars, Inc. teamed up to create a new Snickers campaign that is changing conventional mobile marketing strategies with nonintrusive ads. Instead of making Snickers ads interrupt the football game Madden, they inserted the candy bar within the game itself so that users were encouraged to engage with the content.
Source: Mobile Marketer

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