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Coca Cola loves McDonald’s via online site
An interactive and engaging experience for Coca-Cola's stewardship message to their McDonald's customer. The microsite is a walk through innovation, partnership and future opportunity.
Source: Brand Fever

McDonald’s fries play World Cup Football with help from Facebook
McDonald’s has launched its latest World Cup campaign in the form of FryFutbol, a painstaking re-enactment of key moments from every match in the tournament using nothing more than french fries... The wordless shorts have been designed for global consumption with McDonald’s thoughtfully adding cartoon eyes to the edibles in a bid to recreate some of the key personalities from the field. Conceived in partnership with Facebook’s creative team and visual effects experts Framestore, the campaign ties in with a real-world re-design of medium and large packs of French fries featuring 12 World Cup inspired designs.
Source: The Drum

Snickers uses digital e-coupons to deliver offers and track consumers
SavingStar, a digital coupon and promotion program that offers deals and gathers individual shopper data across many retailers and brands, is expanding to 30,000 additional stores, including Walmart, Target, Walgreens, Dollar General and Family Dollar as of July 7. The service, which launched more than two years ago and has 5 million members shopping at more than 100 grocery and drug chains, up to now has worked by linking to retailers' loyalty databases and scanners to track purchases. But the expansion, which will more than double SavingStar coverage to 58,000 stores, involves mainly retailers who don't have standard loyalty cards. To do that, SavingStar is banking that it can get shoppers to use their smartphones and apps to scan receipts, a bet similar to the one Walmart is making as it simultaneously rolls out its own card-less version of a loyalty program. Walmart has joined Target, Dollar General, Family Dollar, Meijer, WinCo and Walgreens to provide the necessary item-level data on their receipts so that people can verify they've actually bought products targeted by promotions, said SavingStar CEO David Rochon. Kmart, also being added to SavingStar coverage, is linking its loyalty card data like existing retail participants. SavingStar works like a syndicated loyalty program that tracks individual shopper purchases across multiple retailers...
Source: Advertising Age

Sour Patch Kids win over teens via Facebook, video, and turning “the candy into a character"
While Sour Patch Kids led the sour candy category, it was being outspent by competitors and was in danger of losing its teenage consumers. We had to... connect on teens' terms. We turned the candy into a character…and put SPK in new places: where teens play. With new packaging, a video game, music video and revamped Facebook presence, SPK won them over. It grew sales...
Source: Effie.org

Wendy’s Pretzel Burger tweets, sings and Facebook posts in effective campaign
We encouraged customers to tweet their love of Wendy's new cheeseburger... Each week, new tweets and Facebook posts were collected, new love songs were scored, and a new video was produced (five total over 7 weeks) and released online, culminating in a grand finale starring multiplatinum recording artist and boy band balladeer, Nick Lachey. In the end, Pretzel Love Songs became the most engaging and talked about Wendy's campaign in the brand's history.
Source: Effie.org

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