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Domino’s delivers sales and massive targeting database as it expands mobile marketing in UK
In 2013, Domino’s faced a challenge: to continue to deliver sales growth in the face of increasing competition from digital takeaway businesses and incumbent pizza chains. As the first company to launch a mobile app, 10% of our total weekly sales were now via mobile, and users of our app were our most valuable customers. Our challenge was to win in mobile, and we developed a three-pronged strategy to build mobile as a marketing platform. …  We redesigned our mobile site and app suite to create a consistent user experience across all operating systems, transitioned to a mobile-first CRM programme, built mobile data capture into our pizza tracker to double our SMS database, introduced push notifications and moved to mobile-friendly customer emails….  Build brand demand at key moments...We did this by becoming the principal partner for the X Factor mobile app, creating a Domino’s hub that featured quizzes, games and offers. ...-We doubled our SMS database to 2 million, increased mobile sales to 22% of all CRM-driven sales, and grew our app installs from 516,000 in 2012 to 2.2 million in 2013
Source: Creative Brief

TV stations get shopper data from actual in-store purchases to pinpoint target viewers
Simulmedia is building on its relationship with Nielsen…to license Nielsen Catalina Solutions’ (NCS) data to help consumer packaged goods marketers target their TV advertising buys based on actual consumer product purchasing data. The deal follows a recent agreement between Simulmedia and Nielsen to develop a system for measuring niche cable TV networks that currently are not rated by Nielsen. "We are pleased to expand our relationship with Nielsen and activate Nielsen Catalina Solutions' consumer purchase data across Simulmedia's massive, audience-based TV network, which includes the majority of TV networks and operators in the U.S.,” ...Simulmedia said its deal will enable it to integrate NCS consumer packaged goods audience segments directly into Simulmedia’s database, allowing brands and agencies to target their TV advertising buys based on actual consumer product purchasing behavior.
Source: Mediapost.com

Coca Cola’s digital agency in UK uses research, influential bloggers and former journalists to “tell great stories” to generate trust in mums and drive sales
Zone won a competitive pitch to reinvigorate Coca-Cola’s approach to digital communication, building direct relationships with the mums responsible for household purchasing decisions…Our extensive and ongoing investment in research and online listening provides real-time insight into the issues that are important to mums, from the environment and recycling to health and obesity….we put in place a full-time editorial team to help Coca-Cola tell great stories, making the company and its brands relevant to the needs and concerns of the audience. Using experienced consumer journalists with digital and magazine backgrounds, we created a distinct tone of voice, allowing the company to connect with consumers in a credible way….Content is planned and updated constantly, with the latest news from across the organisation being crafted into engaging stories using words, photography, video, illustration and interactive functionality. All content is informed by keyword analysis and optimised to rank for the phrases we know resonate with the audience, providing Coca-Cola with a credible voice in online conversations about their brands and activities. Once the website platform was established, we helped to optimise and distribute content on to other digital platforms, including YouTube and Twitter….We’ve built relationships with influential bloggers and communities, involving them in the planning and creation of content, both for the Coca-Cola website and for their own blogs and networks.
Source: Zone

Chupa Chups launches an Instagram game tied to Halloween
“Get Lolli” is a first-of-its-kind, ‘choose your own adventure’ game on Instagram, built to create awareness of Chupa Chups during the biggest candy-sharing event of the year – Halloween. In the game, players are encouraged to help a ‘finger’ find his friend Lolli (a Chupa Chups lollipop) who has been kidnapped. The game uses Instagram’s native features to guide players through a haunted house filled with quirky, spooky messages inspired by popular horror movies and characters such as Psycho, Dracula, The Ring and Freddie Kruger….The campaign will run in the next two weeks up until Halloween and will be supported by Facebook and YouTube. The campaign launches with a trailer video and includes game materials; Instagram stills and nine short 15-second Instagram videos.
Source: Campaign Asia

Wendy’s and Facebook team for better targeting, including for Pretzel Bun
What helped was a budding relationship with Facebook, which Wendy's tapped as a kind of creative consultancy, said Ben Nemo, business lead on the restaurant team for Facebook's Global Marketing Services group. In 2012, Facebook's Global Marketing Services group reorganized to offer dedicated teams for nearly every category -- including retail, entertainment, travel, beverages and packaged food -- so that it could play an advisory role for brands, as well as develop effective marketing products for each category….Mr. Rhoten, along with Mr. Bahner, have turned to Mr. Nemo and his team to ensure their creative ideas have the potential to be successful on Facebook's mobile and desktop platforms and will generate views and engagement with the brand. Take this year's campaigns for the chain's pretzel-bun and Tuscan chicken sandwich. The pretzel-bun campaign centered around love songs dedicated to the bun...For those campaigns, Wendy's and its agencies, including WPP's VML, presented ideas to Facebook, which then gave feedback based on what's worked -- and what hasn't -- on the network in the past. Though he didn't give details on the kind of feedback used to inform creative for the two Wendy's campaigns, Mr. Nemo touted Facebook's data as more reliable than the average focus-group results. "A lot of our data is based on real behavior, and it certainly would be an asset for brands to leverage us for that kind of information," he said. Mr. Nemo noted Facebook's data can help "bring a consumer to life" with psychographics "that can inform creative.”..."We tap into partners [at Facebook] to see what kind of behaviors are popular," Mr. Rhoten said.
Source: Ad Age

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