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MTN DEW ICE - After The Wreckage
Who took home the trophy? Missy and Busta are about to decide but you know we’re team #ICECOLD
Source: Mountain Dew

During the four days leading up to the AMAs, four YouNow influencers broadcasted their journey of becoming hosts of the Coca-Cola Red Carpet at the 2016 AMAs. They created 15 live streams before the main Red Carpet broadcast, promoting each stream across various social media platforms to drive incremental reach and engagement. YouNow's engaged user base created the programming organically by integrating Coke Music stickers and gifts to get the broadcasters' attention -- ultimately, creating millions of authentic, magic video moments. A 20 second animation -- known on the platform as an on-screen 'Super Gift' -- was available for users to send to their favorite broadcasters, associating the brand with excitement, facilitating brand affinity and creating a verbal call-to-action to drink Coca-Cola products. http://shortyawards.com/9th/coca-cola-american-music-awards-activation
Source: Shorty Industry Awards

Three years ago, Coca-Cola’s “Share a Coke” campaign transformed their whole approach to summer by featuring names on bottles. Harnessing the power of names, Share a Coke was inherently social. But after two consecutive summers, the campaign was losing its novelty and momentum. So Coca-Cola launched a lyrics label campaign, coupled with celebrity endorsements, digital integrations with Shazam, and collaboration with Musical.ly social media.
Source: Shorty Industry Awards?

Say Coke: Coca-Cola selfie bottle
Coca-Cola targets millennials by inserting their branding into selfies. They created a cap with a small slot that will hold a smart phone to take a photo, like a selfie stick would. This Coca-Cola selfie stick angles the photo so that the bottle’s label and brand appears in the corner of each selfie. https://vimeo.com/191086196
Source: Cannes Lions

Snickers launched an online/offline advertising-meets-point-of-sale hybrid campaign of the year, introducing a "Hungerithm" that gauges the mood of the Internet and adjusts the price of its candy bars in 7-Eleven stores accordingly, in real time. In short, the angrier the Internet, the cheaper the candy—to make everyone a bit happier.  Created by Clemenger BBDO Melbourne, the Hungerithm is built on a 3,000-word lexicon and analyzes around 14,000 social posts a day. It even understands slang and sarcasm, the brand claims. The in-store Snickers price at 7-Elevens nationwide updated more than 140 times a day. "Considering how quickly the Internet can swing from a place of sharing and enlightenment to one of incredible vitriol, we felt this was the perfect way to bring the, 'You're Not You When You're Hungry' platform to life," adds Clemenger BBDO Melbourne executive creative director Ant Keogh.
Source: Cannes Lions

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