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Coca-Cola targets teens
Coca-Cola’s second-year strategy for its “Ahh effect” campaign that targets teenagers is mixing up its approach with a new focus on television and traditional forms of marketing. Coca-Cola launched the “Ahh effect” last year with what the soda giant claimed to be its first digital-only campaign. The second phase of this campaign is now focusing on incorporating mobile and Web content into a TV spot and packaging, suggesting that digital-only campaigns do not cut it for marketers targeting millennials. “Last year was about going in a new direction with how we interacted with teens, and it exceeded our expectations,” said Lauren Thompson, spokeswoman at Coca-Cola, Atlanta. “For this year’s iteration of the campaign, social and mobile remain at the core, but we’re expanding to ensure we’re everywhere teens are from amusement parks to concerts to cinema, and now on TV,” she said.
Source: Mobile Marketer

Coca Cola "rewards" consumers who behave on behalf of the brand
Coca Cola reached out to Ifeelgoods to make their loyalty program more dynamic.  Coca Cola’s loyalty program, MyCokeRewards, is available globally and is one of the largest loyalty programs in the world.  The goal of the campaign was to provide a diverse set of rewards at a lower price point than traditional loyalty options. Ifeelgoods used its frictionless platform to integrate Facebook Currency into the MyCokeRewards program as a redemption option for customers.  Consumers of Coke would redeem the code found under the cap and enjoy digital content on their favorite social games.  Customers shared these rewards with their friends on Facebook.
Source: ifeelgoods.com

McDonald’s Gospel Super Choir
In an effort to engage the African American community in their tribute to Black History Month, McDonald's sponsored the McDonald's Gospel Super Choir who performed at Newark Symphony Hall. The choir broke a GUINNESS WORLD RECORD for Largest Gospel Choir and according to the Emmy Award winning producer Curtis Farrow who McDonald's hired for the event, "The community really showed up!" The event was promoted on social media via the hashtag #McDGospelSuperChoir.
Source: Love Peace Joy

Coca-Cola targets Latino teens with digital promotion that “turns fans into producers” for the American Music Awards
Coca-Cola wanted Hispanic teens to use their voice to influence the 2012 American Music Awards. MRY created Coca-Cola Mix’On, a mobile-first interactive collaboration that engages Hispanic teens and turns fans into producers. In advance of the AMAs, MRY invited three Latin artists to collaborate in the studio on entirely new songs, one of which would perform with pop-sensation Jason Derulo at the 2012 AMAs. Week after week the artists’ stories unfolded, with over 60 pieces of votable content, including three new music collaborations released on the site. Fans supported their favorite artists through “digital applause.” And everything about the final performance—from the red-carpet outfits to the instruments played—was determined by fan participation. Coca-Cola inspired teens and artists to come together to express themselves through music, and influence the biggest night in music entertainment. Over 72,000 votes in four weeks, with an average of 5 minutes on site per visitor, and 8.5 MM social impressions.
Source: MRY

Coca Cola FM
Coca Cola FM is the first regional network of social radio by Coca-Cola, broadcasting music, exclusive events and original radio shows 24/7 and 365 days a year, looking to co-create the future of radio with thousands of Teens, giving a voice to their interests, emotions and happiness moments. Operating today in 13 markets across Latin America, Coca-Cola FM is an owned media property delivering premium interactive radio contents and changing the way teens communicate with us: From typing on a keyboard to using the energy of their voice.
Source: Enyetech.com

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