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Mountain Dew and Doritos nominated for top online ad award with “Every 2 Minutes” campaign with Xbox
Mountain Dew and Doritos wanted to tap into the anticipation surrounding the Xbox One’s release by giving away thousands of the entertainment systems. Our challenge was to create a promotion that captured users’ attention and stepped outside of the traditional giveaway model. In the Every 2 Minutes auctions, fans battled it out in real time to win hundreds of brand new Xbox One systems each night. The more DEW and Doritos purchased, the more points they earned and the higher their bidding power. The response to the promotion exceeded even the most optimistic projections. Xbox fans across the country emptied the shelves of DEW and Doritos, banking over 8 million codes in the process. By the end of the promotion, there were over 4 million visitors to the site with thousands coming out victorious.
Source: firstborn

Coca Cola partners with “influencer” Nicholas Megalis via Vine to promote its Freestyle vending machine
There is no question that Vine is so hot right now. The 360i Influencer Marketing team recently partnered with Nicholas Megalis for a Coca-Cola Freestyle Vine series that combined his quirky humor with the unique mixing capabilities of the Coca-Cola Freestyle machine. With an impressive following of 4.4 million people, Nick’s Vines come in various styles. He’s well known for his comical jingles and rap Vines, as well as his humor situational Vines to which all Millennials can relate.
Source: 360i.com

Mondelez’s Oreo uses Vine to "create snack-sized video content for fans in social media"
Oreo was a first mover in leveraging Vine to create snack-sized video content for fans in social media, and quickly emerged as an innovator and leader on the platform by amplifying the fan experience across Facebook and Twitter. Launched in spring 2013, the popular #SnackHacks series takes the cookie that fans *think* they know, and shows them a whole new way to experience it. While most recipes require cook books or lengthy instructions, Oreo is using Vine’s six-second limitation to show fans how easy it is to enjoy Oreo in iced coffee, as a popcorn-topper or even as a sweet taco. The Vine community has eaten up the short-form, how-to-style videos; in fact, the most frequent comment posted to the content has been, “MIND BLOWN.” The series has reaped 219 million total impressions with more than 58K social shares, and is helping people see this 102-year-old cookie in a whole new way.
Source: Shorty Industry Awards

Coke sending data from fountain machines
Freestyle sends consumers’ choices to Coca-Cola, which it carefully analyzes. Coca-Cola now knows that 40 percent of the drinks customers buy have an added flavor and that people over 34 drink mostly caffeine-free Coke in the afternoon. It discovered that so many people like Cherry Fanta that it released the product in bottles and cans. The Keurig machine will also send consumption data back to Coca-Cola. “We’ll know exactly—with the consumer’s permission, of course—what they’re drinking and when they drink it in their home,” says Van Rensburg. “Imagine what you can do with that.” Image Source: [http://www.bidnessetc.com/21830-keurig-green-mountain-inc-nasdaq-gmcr-news-analysis-is-the-coca-cola-company-nyse-ko-eyeing-an-acquisition/]
Source: BloomberkBusinessweek

Retail stores and brands adopt ‘iBeacons” to beam ads and offers while you are in the aisle.
inMarket runs the world’s largest mobile shopper marketing platform, and has built the world’s largest network of beacon-enhanced shopping apps with its Mobile to Mortar™ (M2M) platform. By reaching the #1 buying demographic -- often referred to as the “lost generation” -- inMarket’s unique model delivers engagement when it matters most and dramatically lifts branded purchases. Clients such as Coca-Cola, Kraft, Levi’s, Nestlé, and Procter & Gamble have launched hundreds of in store campaigns with inMarket. M2M beacon-capable apps... Our turnkey Beacon geofencing platform add an unprecedented level of accuracy to location-based communication. ... When a consumer walks into a “smart location” outfitted with M2M iBeacons, they receive hyper-relevant engagements based on where they are in the store. 
Source: inMarket

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