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Doritos Ketchup – 10/24/2016

With the snack category continually adding new brands and new chip-like products, Doritos needed to defend its share of the aisle. A key weapon in the arsenal was limited time flavours.

Historically, limited time flavours created interest at the shelf and drove incremental sales. That tactic worked very well in 2014 when they brought back Ketchup-flavoured Doritos after 10 years. The flavour flew off the shelves and was sold out in 5 weeks - still popular after all those years in hiatus.

We brought back Ketchup in 2015, but based on the success of 2014, expectations – and sales goals – were considerably higher. To achieve our objectives, given the limited dollars available, whatever we did had to be bold to capture the attention of our Millennial target (16-24). Given our target lives online we had a tough job ahead of us – not only were we competing with other salty snack brands but we were also competing with the plethora of digital content that the Canadian millennial is faced with each day online.

Date of Publication: 10/24/2016
Source: Cassies
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