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Need an Uber? Grab a bag of Tostitos – 01/27/2017

It’s almost time for the Super Bowl, and with that comes adult beverages. Some of us might overindulge to the point where it’s unsafe to drive home. If that’s the case, grab a bag of Tostitos.

The bag, which is outfitted with mini sensors, is able to detect alcohol in the breath of the holder. If the bag is green, go ahead and head home. If it’s red, call an Uber. Not only that, but if the bag turns red, a code for a $10 Uber discount displays as well, although it’s only valid on Super Bowl Sunday.

But let’s just pretend that someone is so intoxicated that calling an Uber is an impossible task. What then? Have the bag call the Uber for you. The bag has been outfitted with near-field communication tech which will order a ride automatically if you tap it with your smartphone.

The entire campaign of these high-tech snacks was a partnership between Frito-Lay and Mothers Against Drunk Driving. Their ultimate goal? Removing 25,000 cars from the roads that day. Super Bowl Sunday is also notorious for alcohol-related deaths and injuries, with 45 people killed in 2015.

Date of Publication: 01/27/2017
Source: KCTV News
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