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Pizza Hut & Rooster Teeth Live Events Program – 02/16/2017


The goals and objectives for the 2016 partnership were to grow Pizza Hut's presence within the gaming community and to encourage social engagement around major tent pole events throughout the year.


When it comes to the gaming world, we knew that Pizza Hut had a strong rich history. The challenge was to effectively reach gamers outside of in-game content and seamlessly keep the Pizza Hut gaming conversation going. The "experience" is key to Gamers so the question ultimately came down to how we would help Pizza Hut enhance that? We leveraged Rooster Teeth/Fullscreen's major tent pole event, RTX 2016, and Rooster Teeth's presence at several major gaming tent pole events to bring a retro arcade experience to fans along with thousands of pizza samples. These activations brought Pizza Hut to the top of the social conversation at each event through the arcade, Rooster Teeth influencer appearances, and custom gaming competitions that had everyone talking. Beyond "Hut Swag" giveaways and onsite prizing, the program was extended online through a custom Rooster Teeth Podcast integration, a first of its kind for Rooster Teeth, that had fans answering retro gaming trivia questions for prizes and event perks.


The program fulfilled and exceeded all contracted guarantees.

Organic Social Posts:
• Posts: Estimated over 2K+
Promoted Social Posts:
• Planned Posts: 32
• Delivered Posts: 37
• Engagements: 403,973
RT Podcasts:
• Planned Views: 3.4M
• Delivered Views: 11.3M
• Delivery: 332%
• Extended podcast reach equates to over $150K in added value!
• Several Pizza Hut sponsored RT podcasts were in the top 20 most watched podcasts on YouTube in 2016!
Co Branded RTX Mentions:
• Planned Views: 2M
• Delivered Views: 13M
• Delivery: 650%
RTX App Push Notifications:
• Delivered Views: 52,000
Overall Organic Engagement:
• Likes: 106,076
• Retweets: 526
• Comments: 20,714
• Total Engagements: 532,734

Date of Publication: 02/16/2017
Source: Shorty Industry Awards
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