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Coca-Cola Mexico reaches music lovers with real-time content that increases brand recognition – 01/03/2017

The opportunity

Coca-Cola México (@CocaColaMX) wanted to highlight its sponsorship of the popular Mexican music festival Vive Latino and use Twitter to increase brand recognition among the 20,000-plus fans attending the event. @CocaColaMX saw the opportunity to tap into conversation and grow its online community by driving traffic to the event’s live stream on

The strategy

@CocaColaMX used Promoted Tweets with keyword targeting to spark conversation among users most likely to be interested in the event. On the day of the festival, @CocaColaMX used a Promoted Trend with the hashtag #ViveCocaTV to raise awareness of the live stream of the Vive Latino festival and Promoted Tweets with Vine and SnappyTV that allowed it to edit and share the best moments from the event in real time, making it the first brand in Latin America to run a campaign with this tool.

The success

The campaign recorded 3.14 million impressions and 59,600 interactions with a CPE (cost per engagement) of $0.30 USD. The Promoted Trend #ViveColaTV exceeded 9.7 million impressions and reached almost 17,000 mentions. @CocaColaMX attracted more than 10,000 new followers and 4,818 mentions. The Promoted Tweet using SnappyTV saw 123,000 impressions, one million plays, and had a CPV (cost per value) of $0.37 USD.

Date of Publication: 01/03/2017
Source: Twitter
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